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Firstly; Let me ask a question of my own. why would the Federation, KDF or even Romulan Republic want to go to the delta quadrant.

I can understand why the Fed would, but can not understand why the other two. i say this because as most have stated Neelix could asked the Fed.
The primary reason I consider for all three entering the DQ is to take the fight to the Borg. We do not know how much of the DQ the Borg have assimilated but it is a source of raw resources that the Borg can tap into. For all we know the Borg incursions in known space are merely a distraction while they build an ever more formidable base.

The Klingons specifically have reverted to the old ways, which means conquest. Anything they see that is available for conquest will be targeted.

The Federation will need to keep pace with the Klingons rate of expansion, or risk losing a war of attrition.

The Romulans have the least reason to go, but may participate in missions with their allies. New resources are going to be the most likely motivator.

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Secondly; most of you seem to think that after all the positive and negatives that voyager had crossing through the quadrant, will still even exists.
There is very little to go on in regards to what has happened since Voyager, the DQ was a very tumultuous place so there is a lot of potential for change. The developers will have to flesh out a lot as I stated in my previous post. It would behoove them to entwine the A/BQ stories and the DQ in order to make the stories more relevant to the greater Star Trek universe.