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08-28-2013, 11:18 PM
Here was my problem with the removal of the Fleet uniforms (the ones purchased from T3 starbases). As a Romulan Republic Officer, I still had Starfleet (and KDF) officers "on loan" and THOSE were the ones I wanted to wear the Fleet uniform. I am also glad that Cryptic choose to allow the sale for the BOFFs at half price.

My Fleet has a suggested uniform for the different ranks as well but it is NOT required. Some players prefer a different style of uniform and, as Fleet leader, I am not forcing them to wear anything. However, I am requesting that they wear our patch.

Until Starfleet (and KDF) Command [aka Cryptic] dictates that XYZ is the only uniform you can wear, then it's a players choice of what they like. You likes will more than likely be different from someone else's and that is OK.

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