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Originally Posted by embrosil View Post
Well the problem is that I came back a after three years, yet I am still encountring bugs that were present back in 2010. And beause something is free we should be content with bugs, errors and crashes? Really?
The problem is human nature most people wont demand more or better after they have gotten used to mediocrity and in this game that runs rampant.

Cryptic is more concerned in selling keys and shiny stuff then actually fixing the game but as it is this community of gamers have become used to and now like the mediocre game developing.

Some will cite LoR as this great look what they did for the game...imho opinion LoR brought a host of brand new bugs and issues to a game that was already rife with them.

LoR was clearly not ready to go live but they pushed it in anyways the carrier UIs wasnt ready they pushed it through anyways.

Another problem is a complete lack of comunication between devs and players as it is the devs only listen to the accolades not the people asking or wanting better for the game.

What is happening is players voice their concerns abotu bugs and other issues the bug and game issue column is packed full of them....but most never get addressed let alone fixed.

Until this gaming community decides to demand better and figure a way to get Cryptics or PWEs attention about the issues in this game nothing will be done.

As for now the majority is content with mediocrity