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Originally Posted by verbenamage View Post
Because you like something doesn't mean it's popular. I happen to like the way the escort looks, too. I have one myself. That doesn't make it popular.

You can tell it's not very popular by the amount (or in this case, lack of) announcement spam from people opening boxes and winning them. You can also judge its popularity by it's price. It took just a few days for the Elachi ship to drop under 70m on the exchange. Compare that with the talshiar box, which stayed over 100m for over a week.

And that's with many more talshiar boxes being opened. As someone else pointed out, if it was really popular they wouldn't need to do the video.

I just think the video's a lost cause, the box is underwhelming overall. Their time would be better served making the next box better or (perish the thought) creating new content, fixing bugs, and generally improving the game.
Well, like any of the lockboxes, the interest drops off after the initial post-release hype.

Though I will agree that there seem to be less of them lately, although the lack of spam messages may simply just that not many people are winning one, as they are LOADS of players using Elachi weapons on their ships.

Nonetheless; I do find it a little sad that the Elachi ships are not receving the attention they deserves as I feel it's design is unique and far better than the boring 'Borg inspired' flying cliche Tal Shiar nonsense.

Frankly, my experience of the Elachi ships is that they're generally flown by people with some idea of what they're doing. And my experience of the Tal Shiar ships is that they're flown by people who simply wanted to fly the Nadara (seriously - I've probably seen HUNDREDS of those pieces of junk flying around with that name), put no though into the build and explode frequently.

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