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Originally Posted by zipagat View Post
A large percentage of the Feds have the false impression that they should win without effort , gear or ability because they are the federation. Plus the pve builds them up to be the next captain badass. It is a rude awakening for many when they meet the business end of the KDFs disruptors.
Very True. Just Try To Compensate All My Science Gorn Can Do... He Debuffs You To Death (Still working on kinks)

Space... Well... Still Working On That... I just Know Debuffing Is My Strength.

"Just because you are a medic, it does not mean you are indestructible. Notice that now... before it is too late. However, in that case, try to find a way to snare your enemies, and take them out before they get you. But never forget about healing either. They are both equally important. In this case, I rest on studying my enemies, finding their weak points, and executing the process. However, I always carry some medical supplies.

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