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# 1 Romulans and Rep Costumes
08-29-2013, 08:28 AM
Hi all,

It's been my understanding that Romulan toons do not have access to the tailor costumes for the MACO, Adapted MACO, KHG and Omega Force ground sets. I also believe that there is an exception in that Romulan "Alien" toons can use the costumes, although there are some bugs involved. In other words, it's the pure Romulans and the Liberated Borg Romulans that cannot use those costumes.

I just want to verify if the above is correct. Today I was in New Romulus Command and I saw a Romulan female toon wearing the MACO armor. Since we were in New Romulus Command, it's a sure thing that the toon belongs to the Romulan fraction. I could also see the Romulan fraction icon when I clicked on her. So I'm confused as to how she could be wearing the MACO armor. I tried to see the character info to see if she was actually an Alien made to look as a normal Romulan, but the info didn't show up. So that could be an explanation but I couldn't verify it.

I took a screenshot but right now I'm away from home and can't post it. I might do so later if needed.

I would like to know if anyone has personal experience (not hearsay) with Romulans and Rep gear tailor costumes and can provide some wisdom as to what is usable or not. My Rommie (a pure one) will finish Omega rep in a few days and I want to know if those MACO and Omega Force costumes will be available in the Tailor. Otherwise the only reason to get those sets would be for the stats and set bonuses, but I like costumes so that's important to me.

Appreciate any info. Thanks!
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