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08-29-2013, 10:58 AM
I personally hate the rep systems.
The way STF's worked before Omega was just fine, though I do agree the drop rates could have been a bit more reasonable.

But simply put, Mark missions is nothing but a boring endless grind, you play them repeatedly for tokens for which you will eventually get the reward.
And there lies the flaw.

The old STF's were fun because you were playing for the reward, not some obscure tokens who whold absolutely no immediate value that will eventually enable you to get the reward.
Every time you did a run there was a certain thrill, excitement and anticipation over the possibility of getting the drop, something which mere marks don't give you.

Honestly I don't understand it.
Cryptic clearly understands how addictive and exciting random chance can be, seeing as how they keep churning out lockboxes with rare ships.
Yet they stripped out the very same mechanic from the STF's.

Its no longer a question of just if and When, but simply just when.