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08-29-2013, 11:47 AM
Originally Posted by sarge4id View Post
So I got my hands on a small fortune recently, and I clearly remember Dan Stahl stating in one of the interviews from one of the podcasts, that if a player paid the devs a thousand dollars, they'd make that player their own ship.
I'm sure that they would, however I think they'd have to be sensible about it.

You've said:
Originally Posted by sarge4id View Post
Well Dan might remember saying it. Even if he doesnt, I just want a romulan scimitar for my fed character, and maybe some unique title.
That's unrealistic. If you truly want a Scimitar with a Federation character, create a Romulan, ally them with the Federation and then buy your Scimitar.

I seriously doubt that they'd allow a Federation character the use of a Republic ship. There are reasons the Romulan faction exists. When they said "we'll create you any ship you want" I would expect they'd have had limitations. Whatever ship this be would first have to pass CBS, and knowing how strict they are, they'd laugh at your proposal.

If you've got the money, and Cryptic are game, then great, but you'd be best off sticking with a Federation ship if you're wanting this for a Federation character.

Edit: 21k on this game is insane! Just what have you bought? You've either got everything (and extras) or have been seriously unlucky with lock boxes.