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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
21k on this game is insane! Just what have you bought? You've either got everything (and extras) or have been seriously unlucky with lock boxes.
We'll Back before PWE took over I used to repec my character several times a day for space and ground stfs, so that means like 4 to 6 tokens a day. i would also choose a ship of the week so apart from the repecing for stfs, i had a spec for whatever ship i was flying. if it was an escort then i had points into weapons and which ever excort ship it was.

i dunno how long you've been playing but they used to have a different tree you specced into. so one week it might be science in the intrepid, the next week it'd be tactical in an advanced escort.

one of my "OCD" flaws is being a collector, not a hoarder, but a collector. I want to have every ship there is, every gun there is, back in the beginning, completing challeges like this was easy...every accolade, wall trophy. i think i was one of the first to get the "save the whales" one when it first came out all broken. I bought c-store items just for the hell of it, just so i could say i had it. A lot of the items did actually come in handy when I decided to level a klingon.

The problem is: Im an end game person. Thats the only part of the game I really care about. I hate questings and grinding. I only have one VA Fed and its a tac, one LTGEN and its a tac, and I've just created a rom tac. I've been away for a bit so I had some catching up to do.

Now days, all money goes into buying zen to either get zen related items, dil, or to buy keys and sell them for EC.

I guess I could go with a fed ship. Maybe even a made up one that isn't in any of the films or shows. I'd have to talk it over with them and come up with a solution.

another idea would be: to fund another ship compitition where people submit ships like they did for the Enterprise F. players could get the ship at Utopia Planitia. It could be an experimental ship like the Vet Ship Chimera-class.

I would go for the Ent J, which they actually did make a game model for, but I guess too much red tape from CBS, it never got past a screenshot for us all to look at. However alot of the early ship concept art, like a ship with a doughnut saucer I think there was, would be something intresting...Just dont bring back the lego galaxy!