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08-29-2013, 02:17 PM
It's not a bad experience, just something that annoys me. Almost every time I do The Cure Space on normal difficulty, the following happens:

Enough nanite probes are blown up under one of the cubes. Raptors spawn. Instead of destroying those fast, maneuvrable ships that can cut through your shields in mere seconds (if they attack you both, and if the cube interferes) and destroy your hull with just one or two lucky heavy plasma torpedoes, the first thought of most people is: "nah, I'll just keep targeting this totally undangerous, unarmed ?nd non-moving little nano-thingy here."

Yes, you may try to use Brace for Impact, Science team and countless other heals/resistance buffs, but it's not going to help you survive if you don't answer the incoming fire with some of your own.