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Originally Posted by darkphoxy View Post
Ah, see, that's the thing though. You can't use it at all. If I decide to change like my Klingon Bridge officers uniform it acts like I never bought it at all. Doesn't show up anywhere.

Then you get told that you have to buy it again but now its only half price... so technically since its half price now if I do that I paid 3 times as much to use the same uniform on my Boffs'

I believe this isn't fair and I learned something new from my lawyer.

Sine the ruling on Bitcoin caused the United states to see DIGITAL CURRENCY as legal tender they have now just broken the law! So they will be getting a letter from my lawyer in a week or so for selling me a product that they just up and revoked without any form of re-compensation.
lol in the tos it says they can take away anything they want.. it even says they can close your account at any time for no reason..

your lawyer wont be sending any letters..

i actually dont think they intended the current uniform to stop working.. so its probably a bug.
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