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# 17 Timeslot 1 Prize list
08-29-2013, 03:37 PM
The winners for timeslot 1 were as follows:

Q1) [Holo Emitter - Ferengi D'Kora] and 3x [Gamma Quadrant Duty Officer Mini-Pack] - @trifa98

Q2) [Console Pack - Subspace Jump / Point Defense] and 3x [Fleet Support Duty Officer Mini-Pack] - @Liaat

Q3) [Genetic Resequencer - Space Trait: Helmsman] and 3x [Standard Duty Officer Mini-Pack] - @vdonc

Giveaway #1) 5x [Device - Heavy Tetryon Satellite Turret] - @shervin9, @dmcfx3, @GBSOB, @ionicmeteor and @cyconianlord

Q4) [Holo Emitter - Undine Nicor] and 3x [Gamma Quadrant Duty Officer Mini-Pack] - @EmperorWay

Q5) 2x [Space Combat Pet - Fighter Squadron] and 3x [Standard Duty Officer Mini-Pack] - @GBSOB

Q6) [Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser] and 3x [Fleet Support Duty Officer Mini-Pack] - @Liaat

Giveaway #2) 5x [Device - Heavy Phaser Satellite Turret] - @sheppardus, @EmperorWayne, @tycho84, @Kodai and @TrueEvilDude

Q7) 5x [Tal Shiar Command Code] and 3x [Standard Duty Officer Mini-Pack] - @EmperorWayne

Q8) Enterprise Era Uniform and [5,000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool] - @JohrmanTiegan

Q9) TOS Tunic Uniform and 1x [Master Key] - @TrueEvilDude

Giveaway #3) 5x [Device - Heavy Plasma Satellite Turret] - @sheppardus, @EmperorWayne, @shervin9, @catpaw25 and @ionicmeteor

Q10) Enterprise Era Uniform and Dilithium Horta / Combat Mugato - @vdonc

Q11) TOS Medical Uniform and 10x [Ground Combat Pet Pack - Elachi flame crawler Drone] - @sheppardus

Q12) Legacy of Romulas Starter Pack - @Liaat

Giveaway #5) 3x [Standard Duty Officer Mini-Pack] - @smeeinn1t, @EmperorWayne, @JohrmanTiegan, @Timelord_Victorious and @ionicmeteor

Finally, we are giving away a couple of prizes for answers that made us laugh out loud:
[Ground Combat Pet Pack - Dilithium Horta / Combat Mugato] - @ionicmeteor
[Master Key] - @jadzezri

Please note all items will be sent to the winner via the in-game mail within a few days.
Any winners of the uniforms and the LoR starter pack will receive codes sometime next week.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun, we hope you enjoyed yourselves.
Hopefully any of you that were unable to make the timeslot 1 event can made the next one in about 90 minutes.

LLAP, MidNiteShadow7
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