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* WTF, sorry that I am starting my post like this, but c'mon, after repeatably mentions by other forum members that there is something fundemental wrong with the mail system, aka not able to delete the Excange Expired Spam, the bug is still there Give us a break and fix it, instead of restricting us once more the use of the mail system. It's not that I am keeping the valuable items in my mail system. Whenever an item is expired on exchange, it's been taken back and replaced on exchange. Fix it, or I'll be starting to report Cryptic for spamming their own system.

*Second bug, which really starts to annoy me the creeps, is that each time a user is buying a new ship, whether it's a lobi ship, C-Store Ship, or one of the exchange, the layout of all the ships that this user has on that account where on he/she has bought the ship is erased, screwed up, vanished and has to be reset manually by the user. In my case, 3 rows of my UI that I can reorganize, multiplied by 15. Is this the way to make the game more attractive to the user Think not.