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Originally Posted by cgta1967 View Post
I highly doubt it,

I hope you know that would be,


and by the slim chance it is true, need some serious help.....seriously.


The truth does not require you to believe in it for it to be a fact. And as for my stupidity, what makes me "really.....really.....really.....really.....stupi d?" I got money tied up in investments like stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Who are you to decide what I do with my money be a determining factor in my intelligence level? Most would see it as a waste of money or a foolish endeavor, but STO makes me happy when it's time to start gaming. It's my favorite game, with my favorite friends and family. I could say buying chrome for a Harley, or spoiler's, lo-lo suspension, and extra low profile rims for a car stupid and a waste, but I respect anyone who does do that cause that's what makes them happy.

Sure games don't last forever. I was devastated when Star Wars Galaxies died. I invested a lot into that game! But it had its run and I am happy with the memories I had playing it. Just like I will be happy with the memories I have playing this game. Whether I actually get a ship to myself or not, you still can't accuse me of not being loyal. You'd be really, really, really, stupid if you did!