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Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
For faction specific carriers, the KDF has 2, which is 1 more better than the Feds, 3 if you count the Mirror Vo'Quv.

The Feds have the Atrox.

To top it off, KDF has better hangar unit selection. In terms of anything carrier related, since the KDF was the original and only carrier faction in the game for a long time, we are in a very good spot.
However, that's slightly misleading. You're not taking into consideration carrier hybrids. The Federation has the Vesta and the Armitage to cover that part, while the KDF has the Marauder/Corsair (they're very similar ships, shouldn't have made them different to begin with. . .except Cryptic wanted to force KDF players to pay 4 Fleet modules for a ship that is really not that great compared to the full carriers).

So, by that measure the KDF has 3-4 (I don't personally count the Mirror Vo'Quv, if you count that you'd have to count the Fleet versions of the ships as well) faction-specific carrier/carrier hybrid models, while the Federation has 3.

I wouldn't say the Federation suffers too badly in the hangar unit department. Granted, they don't have the same potential for raw firepower, but they do have a good selection of support craft and debuffers.
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