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Originally Posted by sarge4id View Post
The truth does not require you to believe in it for it to be a fact. And as for my stupidity, what makes me "really.....really.....really.....really.....stupi d?" I got money tied up in investments like stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Who are you to decide what I do with my money be a determining factor in my intelligence level? Most would see it as a waste of money or a foolish endeavor, but STO makes me happy when it's time to start gaming. It's my favorite game, with my favorite friends and family. I could say buying chrome for a Harley, or spoiler's, lo-lo suspension, and extra low profile rims for a car stupid and a waste, but I respect anyone who does do that cause that's what makes them happy.

Sure games don't last forever. I was devastated when Star Wars Galaxies died. I invested a lot into that game! But it had its run and I am happy with the memories I had playing it. Just like I will be happy with the memories I have playing this game. Whether I actually get a ship to myself or not, you still can't accuse me of not being loyal. You'd be really, really, really, stupid if you did!
I felt/feel the same way about City of Heroes, and my anger over it's shut down isn't over it's ending, because all things eventually come to an end and 8 years is a good run, but the sneaky, underhanded, backstabbing way NcSoft handled the shut down.

As to the money you say you spent, wow. But I spent way more than I should have on CoH so I can't judge you on that. I think what makes people gasp is that unlike your examples when a video game goes under we have nothing but memories to show for it, whereas people will always have that car, or Harley, or house, or whatever until they sell it/choose to get rid of it.

But I don't regret any dime I spend on my entertainment.

And if ya ever want to throw away a couple of grand I'll be happy to take it off your hands.