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Originally Posted by sopwithsnipe View Post
I look at my LTS as getting paid to play for around two years now. By my math, adding up everything I've gotten because of my LTS I'm a couple hundred bucks in the black.
same....and with that stipend I have gained a whole lot of stuff from the zen store without any cost...everything I need for 9 lvl 50 captains, and a few more others stil lvling.

did a LTS in CO at launch too...have nearly everything in the zen store there...and I still have 2500 zen waiting to be's just adding up at this point over there.

I wont ever buy a key...that is just stupid bad odds via gambling away money IMO.

so my overall expense in both these games is about 5 or 6 hundred at the high estimate Id say since the launch of both of them, and buying the romulan expansion...

and that has given what, 3 or 4 years of satisfied gameplay, and I believe I have quite a lot of perks and gear for that investment.

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