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Originally Posted by cgta1967 View Post
my sincere apologies for my lack of empathy for your investment in the game....


" twenty one thousand dollars " ... in transactions in a free to play game ....

do you realize how that sounds ?

that is not a rational decision IMO.

no offense.... but it really isn't.

ever thought of buying computers for inner city kids? building a safehouse for battered women, or feeding people that can barely afford a loaf of bread a week with all of that "throw away" cash you are wasting?


How do you know I haven't paid for a top notch media center at a local school? Or donate regularly to charities for the poor or abused? And how do you know I don't give the local kitchen soup money so they don't have to buy their own food for the poor?

The truth is, I have donated several high-end dual-core computers with educational games and programs to the middle school I went to when I was young. The school is an "academy of arts" but its really a dump in the center of a large projects. It did teach some art classes and it also taught dance and stage performance (not my thing), my parents sent me there cause they didn't have homework, and I never did it anyways.

I send several checks of undisclosed amounts to charities and organizations, and I also bought over 200 cell phones for a organization that gives them to battered women to use if they need help. Most people just give their old phones for a tax write off. I also send a check of undisclosed amount bi-monthly to help buy food for the kitchen soup that parks in the parking lot of the church i used to go too. My mother still goes there and it was her idea.

Not to brag but my dad is an empire compared to me. Making money, giving money, and spending money, is just a tradition my family has had since the turn of the century. You would think the shocking part of all this is "You give how much away to people that don't repay you!?" But no, that's expected of me! People in my class are expected to share and get overly taxed and ridiculed for every dime we spend on ourselves.

Did it ever occur to you that the really big spenders like me helped make this game go F2P smoothly with all the major time consuming changes the dev's had to make? I know several multi-millionaires that play this game and drop money like it's hot. I am by far not the record holder of money spent on this game. With these kinds of ppl buying zen, you get to have it at a more affordable price.

This is prob my last post. I've been contacted about the ship.