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Originally Posted by cgta1967 View Post
that's just it... I would never run a full beam boat... that is just a min/max mentality in my opinion.

and going the ad-hominem route doesn't contribute to discussions at all my friend.

I hit a nerve by stating my opinion , sounds like you didnt like it and took it personally perhaps?, I get it and I am truly sorry my personal opinion rubbed you wrong..... no need to try and disembowel me for it though. therefore I forgive you too.
Correct, i dont run all beams either.

But YOUR opinion is there is no problem, any problem someone has can be mitigated by using different weapons and a different ship. This is as previous people have said not a solution. YOU are just in denial of the fact.

I also did not "disembowel" you. my statement of dont be a jerk is both simple and a request.

So say you are running exactly even on weapons. That is still an even power draw. Without a way to get closer to the output that an escort can do. Especailly without say a BRF(Beam Rapid Fire) and the BFAW targeting everything and its brother severely limiting th actual damage done.

So you are entitled to your opinion, but saying your opinion is correct above everyone else's is a jerk move. It's a discussion.

and i believe someones sig line says it best "If your post is anything like 'ihave a sandwich so you can't be starving' you should rethink your post"
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