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08-29-2013, 08:42 PM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Whats wrong with the Fleet Vo'Quv? You seem to like the regular version if you consider it one of the best. Somehow upgrading its hull, shields and an extra console is bad?

I think the ship can be pretty op in pvp, especially if you catch someone in a 1v1 situation, there is almost no way to beat it.
Let me Rephrase:

For what you have to go through to get the Fleet Vo'Quv, the end results are quite underwhelming.

The Fleet Vo'Quv is just a slight improvement over the standard Vo'Quv IMO and add to the Fact that you have to max out part of your Star Base just to get it and makes it feel even less fulfilling to me.

I think that the Fleet Vo'Quv would have been much better if it was given an extra Tactical Console slot instead of the engineering slot and I also would have like to see it given and universal ensign Boff Station.

The Fleet Vo'Quv is a T3 Star Base unlock at best but again just my Opinion.

There's really nothing wrong with the Fleet Vo'Quv; However, I was expecting more for what it takes to get it.