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Originally Posted by corelogik View Post
No ship should EVER be more than 30Mil./$30 US. I personally will never buy a ship more than that. I'd rather do without, and the ships I do have, work just fine for my needs.

So sad for the people hoarding these things that will never be able to offload them.
Once this promo ends - that's basically it for the supply of cell ships - until the retire the pack - almost no-one buys the packs in this amount unless the JHAS is in them.

This is probably the last chance this year for the JHAS. Before this there were like 7 cell ships on the exchange the supply was so low - hence the price was so high. There might have been 1 or 2 ships added per week. When it's retired later this year - whatever is left is left.

That is why Tuffli is going for around $140m and I expect the cell ship will be in the same area after a few months. I don't think it will go back to $200 - that was just crazy time!!

Also people are dumping everything right now - prices are plunging as people want to spend $350m on the JHAS or they want to dump all other high priced stuff and spend $5.2 million on a doff pack and keep trying.

think of that $5.2M for a doff pack - 1 key is 1.7m now and 112.5 zen -- so 1 pack @275 is 2.4 keys or $4.1m - better to sell packs now insead of keys - and the packs are still flying.

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