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And all of them are sci oriented ship. The atrox is sci oriented, the Armitage is an escort (tac). Even the Scimitar is tac oriented.
And despite being "sci oriented" KDF carrier performance in PVE & PVP, in the hands of a decent player, has never been questioned.

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However, that's slightly misleading. You're not taking into consideration carrier hybrids. The Federation has the Vesta and the Armitage to cover that part, while the KDF has the Marauder/Corsair (they're very similar ships, shouldn't have made them different to begin with. . .except Cryptic wanted to force KDF players to pay 4 Fleet modules for a ship that is really not that great compared to the full carriers).

So, by that measure the KDF has 3-4 (I don't personally count the Mirror Vo'Quv, if you count that you'd have to count the Fleet versions of the ships as well) faction-specific carrier/carrier hybrid models, while the Federation has 3.

I wouldn't say the Federation suffers too badly in the hangar unit department. Granted, they don't have the same potential for raw firepower, but they do have a good selection of support craft and debuffers.
I don't count single-hangared ships as carriers. The real carriers are the 2-hangared ones. Single-hangared ones are for those that want to dabble but never really want to delve into what a carrier is all about; They're not serious into carrier play at all and absolutely refuse to delve outside the realms of the Escort / Cruiser. The single-hangar is more of a "oh, that's nice to have" detail on those ships, and never meant as a feature, something that the ship's power is based on.

For me, in terms of carrier play, a single-hangared ship is like a 2 forward / 2 aft weapon ship masquerading as a T5 Escort with 2 TAC Consoles. Single hangars cannot fully exploit the full capability of hangar units. The actions of a single squadron of fighters and frigates pale in comparison to 2 full hangars worth of them.

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Let me Rephrase:

For what you have to go through to get the Fleet Vo'Quv, the end results are quite underwhelming.

The Fleet Vo'Quv is just a slight improvement over the standard Vo'Quv IMO and add to the Fact that you have to max out part of your Star Base just to get it and makes it feel even less fulfilling to me.

I think that the Fleet Vo'Quv would have been much better if it was given an extra Tactical Console slot instead of the engineering slot and I also would have like to see it given and universal ensign Boff Station.

The Fleet Vo'Quv is a T3 Star Base unlock at best but again just my Opinion.

There's really nothing wrong with the Fleet Vo'Quv; However, I was expecting more for what it takes to get it.
Yeah, for the KDF T5 Starbase ships are underwhelming, unlike the T5 Fed equivalents. The other insulting part of the Fleet Vo'Quv is that it requires 4 FSMs.

For such a high tiered ship in the system, for the cost of just buying it, the stats of the Fleet Vo'Quv are "meh" at best. This is in complete contrast to the Fleet Sovereign, widely considered a beast of a ship, and costing 1 FSM instead of 4 if you have the Regent.

BUT... at least the Fleet Vo'Quv is still better than the Fleet B'Rel. What a joke that ship is.

Originally Posted by emarosa26 View Post
You'd think they'd be Engineer heavy, more than anything.

I'd love to be able to use the Battlestar Galactica strategy. Use the big boy to take all the heat (while using it to deliver some damage too), while using the fighters to do the true damage.

You could also have a repair pet, that can be used on team mates. Put a ship like this on C-Store, and Cryptic are bound to bring in some money.
These "sci heavy" carriers CAN take the heat of heavy pounding in combat. I've taken my Kar'Fi and survived quite a pounding from 2-3 Fed players long enough (and distracting them) until fellow KDF players arrive and come out of cloak to wipe the floor with them. And the Kar'Fi only has a Lt ENG BOFF station, 2 ENG Consoles.

The key is the player and how the ship is built and setup. With Energy Siphon 3 + Full Breen Set + Maxed Flow Capacitors + Breen Set free Breen Energy Dissipation ability, my Kar'Fi had ridiculous power levels for most of combat. So high that the Breen Shields that people like to make fun of, and in combination with EPTS 1 & 2, were holding up very well, and the ship still dishing out punishment (LOL with Target Subsystem Shields 3 or Engines 2 when they shut the systems down).

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