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Originally Posted by macronius View Post
Thanks, I guess. Well that sucks. I grinded my way through countless Azurre and still denied the reward.
What do you mean? You can get the reward just the same!

Each tier of the reputation creates a "mission" on New Romulus. The first one is near the Command building. There's some flowers there (a stash of sorts). All you have to do is activate it, and number one is done.

Then, the second one you need to go to the Vastam peaks, speak to the civilian NPC and get the mission to find the Tal Shiar base. Then go to the mountain pass and do the mission. That's number two.

The third one is in the caves. Again, talk to the NPC civilian, get the mission and enter the cave. Complete it and it's done.

Number four I don't remember, but I never cared for it, as you can skip it and do number five just the same.

And the fifth is the way I told you in the first post.