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08-29-2013, 11:20 PM
Originally Posted by furlong359 View Post
I agree with the poster who said that he would rather stare at a woman from behind for hours then a dudes. In 98 % of the games ive play, I choose a female character, ( mass effect, wow, kotor, etc etc ) because they are great to look at. However objectifying a woman is never the right thing to do. So in response to the op... I agree they are a bit big, but nothing a few miles running around a planet shouldn't take care of.

What do you mean by objectifying? If we talk about controlling the toon and make it do what we want, it happens regardless of it's gender or even race (this would create a whole new discussion). It's an RPG.
If it's about the looks than I don't see an issue either. Are we (men) all body builders? Are we all fit and strong? Is the game objectifying men for allowing us to make fit male characters if we are not so in real life? If a female player makes a fit male character and plays with it's ok, but if a guy makes a sexy female he's rude and it deminishes women in general? Are both things wrong? should we make real versions of ourselves everytime? How would that be roleplay? How would we play any toon rather than a human?
People need to lighten up. I don't mean you, I'm just following up on what you said.