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The cell ship has big demand still because it is in low supply and not as many people have been able to get one yet.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ... no, its not.

The Suliban Cell ship is utter worthless for actual combat, that is 80% of STO meaning few people would ever want it and people that did are involved in heavy Doffing and could afford it, last time I checked there were 19 Tuffli on the exchange at very high prices meaning just because its a rarity doesnt necessary means people want it.

In the Tuffli and Cell ships case its something people would get at certain price ranges because the ship is worthless for combat operations, only with DOFFing does the ship have worth but considering the already in service Tuffli and Cell ships this isnt a market, people that could have and people that didnt arent going to buy then for +100 million EC, no matter how much some people would be trying to keep it at such inflated price we arent talking about a Lobi ship like a D'Kora or a Jem Dread, the prices are high not just because of rarity but also because those ships have combat potential, unlike the freighters.

This is why the Elashi Escort was at 55m last time I checked, the battleship is at 80-90 million as I expected (Lobi ships are at that price range, its the acceptable market point) and this is why the Cell is on free fall, the supply far outstrips the demand of such ships leaving only the people that will buy the ship at certain cost, just like the Elashi have no actual demand since players appear to do-not-want, the Cell ship also lacks any actual demand, in fact ...

As the "Tau Dewa Aid" was fixed/nerfed the Cell ship lost TREMENDOUS part of value since you can only run one assignment at once and it lasts FIVE DAYS, ithat was the ONLY value it had over the Tuffli and quite frankly, I can go get a Excelsior and go to the cluster, 100+ millions so I dint spend 5 minutes traveling its not worth 100+ millions.

Its a novelty item, I would pay the same for it as I would for a Lobi shuttle ... that is about how much its worth.

Edit: correcting Escort price
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