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08-30-2013, 12:19 AM
Back there, somewhere I proposed that they did not, in fact, step on the bug. I've been running tour ever since, and getting the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF EC as I did before. It's just spread out over several Toons.

Here's the gig: you DI/RP a character before the event and park them in ESD at the club. Stack several characters in there, all with fast ships and SSR warp drives.

Then, when you get to Pelia (on the standard route), instead of transwarping back for the next round, you change characters and start a new loop. Instead of one character looping 3-4 times, I'm stuffing 4 characters through with time to spare.

For those people using the short route, same thing, just with more characters.

Frankly I kinda like it this way. Now I can run reputation stuff on all my characters simultaneously rather than having them run Tour, one after another, sometimes waiting weeks to get a new influx of cash.

A creative person might even find a seductive way to exploit the Exchange system to pass EC from character to character. And thus re-condence the money that had to be won, spread out.

No exploits have been killed, they just changed the nature of the exploits. THose who still want it can still get it.