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Originally Posted by thedoctorbluebox View Post
Well, it's a lazy job, In My Opinion.

I would have liked uniqueness across the factions.
You are confusing being lazy with practicality.

being lazy is thinking you cant be bothered to do something and putting your feet up instead of working.

The other lock boxes has 1 ship and 1 lobi ship. this has 3 ships and 3 lobi. The time spent making two further unique bridges for this lockbox where every other lockbox only requires one bridge will take time away from something else. something possibly more important will suffer and be delayed as a result.

In an ideal situation they would have all have totally unique bridges, but when they give us something, it takes away from something else. that is a practical design choice you can agree or disagree with, however it is not the same thing as being lazy though.

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