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Originally Posted by philhodgson View Post
Okay - here is exactly the problem.

I've just spent an hour I won't get back going through the e-mails of every single toon I have, and I have deleted all but the "Item Sold" messages (which we have been told do not count towards the 300 limit.

I have deleted every single "Item returned mail" (none of which curiously contained any returned items). These were apparently unique to each toon, so each one had a whole bunch that needed deleting.

By the end the only thing in my inbox was "Item Sold" e-mails dating from approx June 30-July 16, which were accessible from every toon. I then sat and deleted all of these e-mails through to July 10.

Now I have an inbox full of "Item Sold" from July 10 - August 1.

Therefore, the "item sold" mails must be counting towards the 300 mail limit. They're not supposed to.

That is the problem Cryptic - seems fairly straight forward. Could someone please comment on this?

Thank you for doing all that work to prove it - this IS the bug. I have spent truly hours going through my mailbox, but mine doesn't have all that many item returned or item sold mails so I really couldn't tell if this was the case.

Another bug is that the July 18 patch notes said:
Added a message for when a recipients mailbox is full and when there are too many items in it.
There is no message that the mailbox is full, nor any message that there are too many items in it. And no - I haven't turned off ANY messages. I've never seen it.

Also, deleted 'returned item' duplicate mails (the ones with no attachments) won't delete, until after you close the mailbox and reopen.

I am filing bug reports listing these three items specifically. I urge everyone to do the same.

THESE CHANGES SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN PUSHED OUT WITHOUT WARNING. I've been dealing with the effects of these stealth mail patches since late May and still the only patch notes regarding them was a note saying they were putting in messages about it - a couple of months after the changes. And there is no message.
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