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08-30-2013, 05:08 AM
Originally Posted by jetwtf View Post
If the time to get an invite to a cell/tufflei or going to the fleet embassy was worth the savings i would do it but its not worth the time doing those things unless i am going to donate 600+ expensive commodoties. The savings on the rep seriously isnt worth it to me, 1 fleet alert and the loot paid for the rep commodoties.

Need some commodoties for a doff asignment and taking the time to find cheap commodoties is wasted time. So yeah moving the commodoties to the top is a good change.
For Fed i just exit sol and there is a ship right there ahead of you (not to mention another off to the right that moves) thats a bit cheaper than the tuffli discount anyways. Never quite figured out what to do with my Klingons. I hate trying to find the ships in other sectors as they move.