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08-30-2013, 05:25 AM
Originally Posted by errab View Post
I think that the Fleet Vo'Quv would have been much better if it was given an extra Tactical Console slot instead of the engineering slot and I also would have like to see it given and universal ensign Boff Station.
Its still a 3/3 ship and a extra tactical console would not do much, the ship primary purpose is to tank and what universal ensign? the ship doesnt have a ensign station to begin with, the BO layout is very good with a Lt cmdr or a cmdr station in all 3 areas, the only thing that could been made uni was the Lt ... so unless you want a Lt Tac, Lt Cmdr Eng, Cmdr and Lt Sci and a uni ensign that WOULD be a downgrade ...

Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
Yeah, for the KDF T5 Starbase ships are underwhelming, unlike the T5 Fed equivalents. The other insulting part of the Fleet Vo'Quv is that it requires 4 FSMs.
I am sorry but what are you complaining about?

Fleet Ships either cost 4 Fleet Modules or 5 Fleet Modules if ithey have a build-in ability (B'rel and Excelsior), the Vo'Quv costs 4 Fleet modules because its a free ship, what you are offering is a loaded argument that convenient ignores a fact and goes on a tirade about something without actually saying the actual issue, that is the lack of C-Shop T5 KDF ships and the lack of Fleet versions of said ships, sure there are plently of Fed ships with a Fleet Module discount because most Fed ships are C-Shop anyway but if I want a Fleet Nova I have to pay 4 modules for it, no way around it since its too low tier and so the Rhode Island offers no discount and the only comparable ship would be the Luna class that doesnt have a Fleet version and its a free ship so no discount would ever be applied if it existed as a Fleet ship.