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08-30-2013, 07:48 AM
I won't say it was my worse but most annoying. Was in infected conduit yesterday and right away I could tell we lacked DPS. I was on my engineer / fleet assault so I was partly to blame there.

Anyways we star working on left side when a certain Captain Couragous starts telling us to pick up our pace. Seconds later he ompletely ignores 10 % rule and blows up generator. I guess he wanted to put some pressure on us. So since my DPS is lacking I went to intercept Nanite spheres and root them with eject plasma. Immediately he starts cursing me out. I tell him that I am running interference but he can't understand the concept. As soon as the optional fails he bails.

Rest of the team sticks it out and we finish minus one loudmouth and an optional. Thanked everyone for staying on.