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08-30-2013, 08:27 AM
Ok, folks, I think we've kibbitzed about the OP's finances enough and I'm beginning to think that perhaps allowing the thread to remain open isn't a good idea. We'll see.

Let's see if we can talk about something more related to the thread topic, hm?

Let's just assume for the moment that Cryptic would be willing to consider some kind of individual starship customization for a price. We know it won't be a totally new ship. And I presume that CBS would have to approve it on some level.

What kinds of customization would avoid "pay-to-win" and be reasonably fair, while providing decent value?

Cosmetic-only changes?

Something along the lines of a Regent chassis under a Galaxy skin?

Minor layout changes?

Or maybe the customer would essentially be financing a limited exclusive? Something they get to have first, but that Cryptic would eventually be able to sell to others?
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