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08-30-2013, 11:55 AM
Originally Posted by swordbearer13 View Post
No messages, but the error tracker DOES appear. I may see if I can find the log file and get more details.

Yes it keeps happening time after time.

I'm about to start a different project, just to see if it improves...

AND sure enough, with a blank project it doesn't crash. Created a new project, gave it start point and a map with an objective. Saved the project, tried to add a Ground Character on the Costumes tab, worked.

I'll have to investigate the other project to see if I can fix it.
When the Error Tracker appears, there should be a number displayed below the white box where it asks you to enter what was happening at the time of the crash. If you can get me that number, I can see if this is a new issue or if it's one that's being tracked and worked on.