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*Gamma Quadrant, on the edge of the galaxy*

Vranlek: The Borg cube is on sensors again. It's coming to investigate the planet that was just destroyed.

Voporak: How close is it?

Vranlek: At its current speed, two hours.

Voporak: Alright. All hands to battle stations. Maintain cloak.

Vranlek: I believe there is a way to use the Borg to our advantage.

Voporak: Do tell, lieutenant...

*Two hours later. The Borg cube arrives in the system and begins scanning the planet's wreckage*

Mirra: They haven't detected us yet.

Voporak: Good. Vranlek, are you ready?

*The Reman nods*

Omet'etan, hit it.

*The Black Phantom decloaks, and begins flying circles around the cube. The cube attempts to shoot down the speedy Sao Paulo class ship, but only manages to get a few glancing hits. As it goes by, the Phantom makes shots here and there with its antiproton cannons*

Vranlek: Their transwarp computer lockout has been damaged. Accessing the coil now.

*The cube's transwarp coil begins to activate, causing an opening in space to appear*

Voporak: Go!

*The Phantom flies at full speed through, followed by the cube.

In the Alpha quadrant, a few dozen kilometers from the Victorious, visible from the observation lounge window, a transwarp exit forms. The Black Phantom shoots out of it at mind-blowing speed, because less than a second later, a massive green explosion occurs from the exit collapsing on the cube.*
*U.S.S. Victorious, Bridge. Ryan looks at the viewscreen when he sees the Black Phantom appear.*

Ryan: What the hell?!

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