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Originally Posted by rainmotorsports View Post
If you think 30 bucks is only worth 30 million EC you have problems :p In keys thats about 48 Million normally though recently they got even more. Right now though likely the doff packs would bring more.

I haven't checked my old markets but exchanging for dilithium is very profitable at the moment and potentially can make plenty of EC from that. Would make 55.8 Million the way I used to do things. Might not work anymore have to look at the value of crap these days.

I wanted one of these and I took my shot at the JHAS (I sold mine last time) and ended up getting the cell ship. Tuffli on my main cell on my alt. They are nice because its easy to switch to from your shuttle bridge. But not as useful as a D'Kora I guess.
And since the value of keys fluctuates, I was using a somewhat conservative figure. But if you wish to pick nits,... go right ahead.
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