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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Now that MoabIII and Cold Butte are the remaining two worlds in what is now a recognized polity, I'm kind of wondering a few things...

When the Pentaxian Ambassador gets the final report, (edited by Mr. Frank Drake, no doubt) I wonder what their reaction's going to be?
Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
My upcoming LC entry is going to kind of cover this with an unshown 'return to Moab' by Ambassador S'rR's and a Pentaxian archeologist, however, the fallout from that event is going to be the focus of the entry. With regards the Cult of the Masters, there will be some discussion of it, and there are also references to the Makers (who originally engineered the Pentaxians as a species) but without the kind of influence/control that they, as the Good Masters, exercised over the Orions. I had hoped to have it up by now, but it's looking more likely to be sometime Saturday...
I really look forward to seeing that!

Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
in a related note, Sander and I have entered discussions to do a prequel piece involving the first Fek'lhyr incursions (the ones in the Klingon mission string) centred on Sway and K'Tirr-the mission set that got K'Tirr Scout-Captain his second name. It's an opportunity to meet Lan as well-the Klingon who became a Borg drone, was rescued, then gave his life to end this invasion.
I'll actually be covering Lan's assimilation, conversion to Nine of Nine and liberation in a standalone "prequel to the prequel" which I'll drop in to LC #40 (as my entry for LC39: "Lone Drone") before I get started on this new story with Patrick.

I'll be taking a break from writing anything for the next week or so but then I'll jump on these stories and hopefully have something new to contribute to the next LC as well.