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08-30-2013, 08:59 PM
I'll stick to the ones I use most:

Arin, fed human:
Odyssey class cruiser - U.S.S. Invincible (The origin of the name has years. It's a ship I imagined)

Prometheus class MVAE - U.S.S. Prototype (The first build I made with borg set and romulan rep items. The ship was an actual prototype to me. Kept the name)

Ahllanna, kdf orion:
Bortasqu' class - I.K.S. Sto'vo'kor (Not much thought into this. I like the sound, and truly klingon)

Saeihr, fed aligned romulan:
D'Deridex class retrofit - I.R.W. Saeihr (What can I say, she is romulan. Egocentric)

Scimitar class dreadnaught - I.R.W. Invincible (She's modest, too)

Kahlyn, fed andorian:
Odyssey class cruiser - U.S.S. Andoria (Goes without saying, doesn't it?)

Torres, fed human:
Vesta class explorer vessel - U.S.S. Carla Patricia (The name of someone who was once - and apparently still is - very important to me)

Updated, the Carla Patricia is no longer a Odyssey class cruiser

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