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08-30-2013, 10:18 PM
A couple of you asked me what to do at level 50, so heres a simple list

- Join a fleet, they can help you with most things as well as unlock awesome equipment and perks such as Dilithium discounts, as well as a feeling of community and comrades to fight alongside. Check out the United Federation Legion here:

- Work your way through the reputation system, which gives great sets (especially Onega Reputation), abilities, and unlocks.

- Work your way through STFs, or Special Task Force missions, essential to the Omega reputation system. This gives you a LOT of Dilithium (960/elite STF) great (Mk X Rare to Mk XII Very Rare) equipment, and Borg Neural Processors, which can be traded in at 5/1000 Dilithium through the reputation system. Each completed ESTF rewards at least one BNP, and up to at least 11.

- Play until you get enough resources for that awesome fleet cannon you always wanted, or that amazing fleet ship, or anything else you want.

- If you didn't finish all the story missions yet, finish them. They have good story lines and helps you practice as well as understand the STO universe.

- Work on new load outs, send your enemies to hell before they know what's happening

- Do foundry missions. These are player-made missions which reward Dilithium and loot (for loot missions). They have good stories as well as good combat. My personal favorite is Admiral Bobo Goes to War, one of the funniest missions out there as well as good loot.

- Get started in PvP. This may seem difficult as you would most likely last less than 30 seconds in your first PvP match, but don't give up and see if you like it!

- Do some RP, or Role Playing. This may not interest everyone, but if you love trek and love to make your own fables and adventures, engage. (that was horrible, but i got nothing else...)
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