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08-31-2013, 12:38 AM
Originally Posted by rezking View Post

I remember a time when we used to play STF content to get STF gear.
Now, all a player has to do is click a project and they're done for 20 hours.
What was that term used elsewhere?
Oh..."instant gratification".

We need to bring back the pre-Season 7 STF's.
Actually, they need to bring back the original STFs. Any sense of story is removed from them. However, relying on the RNG to get the STF gear has caused immense grief to too many people. I got to Tier 5 and all 3 Mk XII STF ground sets in under 100 elite STFs. If I tried to do that using the horrid old method, then it could have taken 500 or more STFs to do or just 20. If it can take 500 STFs to get all 3 Mk XII STF ground sets, then there is something horribly wrong with the system. Getting a piece of STF gear for certain is always better than if there is a chance that it is never obtained.