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08-31-2013, 06:42 AM
Originally Posted by darkphoxy View Post
I think you mis-understand what I don't like. It's not the grind so much I have an issue with, playing MMO's for many, many years i'm used to that.

My issue is with the Grind, that feeds a grind, that feeds a grind.... How about 1 grind, gain some marks which are used as currency, and the reputation for completing the missions.

I just don't agree with grinding to get marks for a mission, then grinding to complete the mission, then doing yet another grind to get the gear you should have earned at this point.

I'm going for a tweak of the Reputation system more than anything.
Well if you want to do that Get job at cryptic and give them ideas instead of sitting here complaining about it .... That's what I do offer feed back.... maybe that take it yet again if not get Job with em and try to get into the video game design.. Me honesty I don't care much for the grind I been doing it in all mmos I played makes me feel good to earn something then saying here random chance of getting it and free items ...I agree with what you said but its part of the game and all mmos have it.... So try to give them feed back on how to mod the system but then again not every one agrees with you so... its kind of like sitting in the middle ... Have fun