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Originally Posted by davidwford View Post
You haven't seen the video on Animal Planet where a cat in Lousiana fights with alligators? See the link below:

I do agree with some of the previous posters that Gorn should be ground powerhouses easily on par with a Klingon. That Ferasans (aka Kzinti) have base ground combat values better than even Klingons is a travesty! I think it should be more like follows:

Klingons, Gorn, Ferasans (Kzinti) > Caitian, Orion, Vulcan > Romulan, Reman, Nausicaan > All others
*sigh* Klingons and Fersans on Par With Gorn Seem Obsolete.. Cannonical Wise...

IMHO... Make Gorn like the Gorn NPCs Are.... No Shields... (You can EQUIP Shields for Sets.. BUt They are DISABLED) And A Great Boost In Health & Resistance. And with Weapons... Well... Again, I'd love Gorn weapons G.E. Boulders... etc... But It will be messed up with the Regular Weapons... Because of Sets etc... So in that case.... Optional Gorn Weapons/Abilities?

Again, Gorn should be the hardest hitting in Melle... if that is ALL you can fix, then Ill be fine with it. The "Gorn NPC Thing" Really is Only a GREAT Idea. XD

BTW, With the Video.... The Alligators Aren't "Knocked back".... They Are How do you Say... "Shocked"... They realize it is not THEIR territory.... and leave it. Fluffy Mc. Stuffins is just too intimidating. The alligators just respect Fluffy. They are most likely annoyed by the pawing... like a "poke" "poke" and recoil away, saying... "DON'T POKE ME". They get annoyed and leave.
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