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*U.S.S. Victorious, Bridge. Ryan looks at the viewscreen when he sees the Black Phantom appear.*

Ryan: What the hell?!

*OOC: Sorry, thought the thread had died. Since apparently not...

Let's get back to work.*
*The Black Phantom circles around several times as it slows down from exiting the conduit. Voporak hails the Victorious*

Voporak (over comm): Sorry to show up uninvited to the party, I didn't have much choice. I've discovered something I think you should know about.

OOC: I want to save this plot for sometime later on, so we'll just keep it hidden away for now (since it's waaaaaay far out in the galaxy). Skip past this part (the conversation of what Voporak found is implied) and go right to Ryan briefing Voporak or whatever the heck you want.