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09-01-2013, 04:25 AM
I wanted this ship from day 1 and finaly got my hands on it recently on my new klink.
I love it, it can be a little bit squishy at times buts thats usualy down to me doing something stupid, on the whole as and engi captain its a dam good ship, you can take hits that shopuld kill you and still come out fighting, I have built mine around the idea of hull damage weapons, its currently running 2x Elachi DC, 1 x Quad Dis Cannon, 1x breen tras torp up front and the breen cluster torp and 2x elachi beams at the back, this gives me the ability to fly in and hit hard regardless to weather i am in siege mode or not, and the sheild penertration procs on the weapons tend to occure quite alot when your hurling so much ammo at the enemy, having beams at the back is a bit of a revolutionary concept for a cannon barge I know, but after testing it I found to to be magic, as you get a sizeable punch when your spinning around for your next attack run rather than a constant streem of bb pellets from turrets.
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