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09-01-2013, 06:44 AM
My wishes:

1. Dahar Master pimp longcoat in C-Store.
2. To be able to use the B'rotlh skin on the fleet B'rel.
3. My additional purchased costume slots to actually work.
4. More KDF themed clothing options in C-Store. Plenty of examples in the shows.
5. Fleet Guramba.
6. Fleet Kar'fi.
7. The gigantic hole of a floor from "Blood of the Empire" to be fixed.
8. Dahar Master pimp longcoat.
9. K'Vort class battlecruiser.
10. B'rtolh skin for the fleet B'rel.
11. A Ferasan ship, preferably a HEC.
12. The Nausicaan escort.
13. Dahar Master pimp longcoat.
14. Fix on the missions that were re-worked for the KDF, but still call you Starfleet.
15. A new science ship of Klingon origin.
16. B'rothl skin for the fleet B'rel.
17. Customizable fleet versions of the Corsair, Scourge and all other ships that require the C-Store version in order to change the windows.
18. A new devastating Raptor with 5 tac. consoles. The Raptor class desperately needs some love.
19. A small buff to BoPs to keep them competitive with the ongoing power creep.
20. A Mek'leth and D'k Tahg melee weapon pack in C-Store.
21. Dahar Master pimp longcoat!
22. Shoulderpads and the rest of the missing elements on the Bortasqu' uniform that NPCs get to wear.
23. I really really want/need my aditional costume slots working for my KDF chars.
24. At least one or a few KDF themed missions with each season. The ones they made are awesome and sooo fun to play, I'd love to see more of the work from the team that makes them.
25. Ty'Gokor and Rura Penthe social zones.
26. J.J.Trek Klingon helmets and jackets.
27. Did I mention the Dahar Master pimp jacket yet? Oh, I did! Well - B'rotlh skin for the fleet B'rel then!