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09-01-2013, 06:52 AM
1. bug fixes, in particular the various fleet holding bugs that got fixed Fed side, but never copy-pasted to KDF.

2. Two more raptors, preferably a Cstore T5 retrofit and a Fleet version of one of the lower tier ships (Qorgh or Pach) with 5 Tac console slots.

3. Some 5 forward weapon slot ships. In particular a 5/1 BoP and a 5/3 battle cruiser or nauscaan destroyer

4. Filling holes, Cstore T5 and Fleet support/science ship (smaller, faster turning, cloak?) and flight deck cruiser (ensign and one of the console slots switched to Tac) + Fleet versions of all T5 ships without one yet(Grumba, Kar'fi).

5. More ship parts/costumes, Try for KDF ships to have 3 variants and the allied Gorn, Orion and Nauscaan ships two variants

6. more player costumes, 1 C-store outfit pack? really?

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