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09-01-2013, 06:59 AM
I'll only add to the already mentioned.

1) Reworking the Fleet B'rel. Give it a 4th tac console instead of an eng. Heck, with a total max of around 30k hull, it doesn't need tanky stuff. That's not what they do?
2) Reworking Fleet B'rel prize. C'mon, 5 fleet ship modules?!? For a ship which is outclassed since May 21st by the T'varo Retrofit? And NO DISCOUNT for those that own the C-Store Version? No thank you, I'll gladly pass the Fleet B'rel.
3) KDF (Nausicaan) destroyer. Cmd Tac, Lt Cmd Sci, Lt Eng, Ens Eng, Lt Uni. With 3/3/4 consoles, 4/3 aft weapons, turn rate 14, and mogai-like hull and shields stats.
4) First City NPC Massacre. Those useless b*tches have made me never ever come back to the First City. Crafting will be tuffli's and cell ships from now, while boff training can also be done in my fleet base (t4 sci, not sure when it unlocks). I don't want all of the citizens dead, but at least some of them?
5) Qo'Nos shipyard bank/exchange access. Its SO annoying to have to constantly switch maps to equip your ship.
6) New KDF Starbase in Tau Dewa (the feds have 231, which is only a mission, but still), to have them have as many dedicated bases as the feds have. Or better had, since may 21st.
7) Add more KDF background to copied storylines. C'mon, Q and the KDF? They should not care about each other. What fun is there in species who have "Microbrains" accoring to Q himself! And saving the U.S.S. Rapier, well, we did Starfleets job. And yes, we got schematics, but yeah, those are easy to aqcuire with rommies in both factions passing information.
8) Speaking of which: when you can talk to Eraun in his ship in sector space, he still doesn't believe we have met before. Hello? Rapier? Doesn't your death ring a bell? No? I didn't think that Vorta would be cloned in that level of stupidity.

Note that I am not unhappy with the KDF. May 21st was a great day for the Empire. But there still is much to do!
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