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09-01-2013, 05:57 PM
They are. It looks more noticable on Andorians, and I believe Saurians, because the skin color makes the legs pop out further.

Yaisuke Yamamoto: And yes I've had problems with it too. R'shee doesn't want to show off her legs because of it. *sigh* Such a waste because she has pretty legs too.

Nohime: Shut it. I can't show off my legs because the darn things feel weird outside of anything that's baggy or the academy skirt. And I was even nominated as the female cadet with the nicest rear. T_T


Yes my toons are arguing with each other, get over it and laugh with me.

"Look at me I'm a target!"
"Fire the Lance on my mark... MARK!
"How many times have we gone into the breach again R'shee?"
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