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09-01-2013, 09:28 PM
*Larger warships decloak revealing the Dolos II class carrier and two dreadnaughts arming its cannon and soon firing it disintegrating several vessels and thinning out the battle groups. The carrier soon launches Kah class fighters and hunters, along with several BoP's..., and a new Raptor class not in the systems. The hornet's nest has been kicked as the defense lanes open up littering the space behind them with self replicating SVR-2 mines stolen from the UNSC and modified in encryption. *

ODST: Sir looks like we know now what they stole. Those are our mines.. I am trying to issue the code but the code is not working...

Its been changed and replaced with some programing I can't identify.. We need the new code.

Any ship going through that minefield is going to be destroyed.. So there goes reinforcements.