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*15 minutes later. U.S.S. Victorious, Observation Room. Ryan is walking around the room while Voporak is seated.*

Ryan: I relayed what you told me to Starfleet Command, Admiral. Admiral Smith said he'll get back to me with any information he finds.

Meanwhile, as long as you're here, you can help with our situation.

2 days ago, a member of my crew was abducted by the Borg. She was a former drone, whom we rescued during the attack on Vega Colony 3 years ago. This Cube managed to destroy 5 Federation Starships like they were nothing, and cut a hole in the primary hull.

We've got information suggesting that they're going for the Vault.
Voporak: Because of the Borg tech research done there, I would assume.

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but my ship is equipped with a cloaking device. Please don't quote me the almighty Treaty of Algeron, I've already been over it with the Federation higher-ups. Not to mention the fact that Romulus is no more than some space dust now, so why does that stupid treaty even apply anymore? Pardon my digression, what I was meaning to say is that I can scout out the area for Borg activity without detection. With your approval, of course.
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YAY I'M EVOLVED! *drools on his chin*
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Welcome to the STO forums, where the evolutionary clock ticks backwards.
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