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Originally Posted by coupaholic View Post
*meawhile, at Perfect World HQ, a shadowy figure pets their white cat*

Heh heh heh. Those fools! They have played right into my hands. The time has come Mr Stahl, do as I command!


*Dan's face recoils in horror*

B-b-but sir! They are the main enemy faction! The balance...

*The figure's head turns a full 180 degrees to stare into Dan's eyes*

Balance!? You dare speak that word! I killed balance years ago! You'd best follow my orders slave, or do you wish to tell the little people why the Klingon's won't be getting new ships, and the Romulan's will NEVER become a full faction!?

*Dan falls to his knees begging forgiveness*

I thought so, leave my sight! I expect a Dev Blog in one hour, do not fail me!

*Dan hurries out the office, grabbing Bran as they leave. The figure turns back and stares into darkness*

Heh heh ha ha ha!


*cough* oh, I feel a bit wierd. What happened? I petted the all knowing tribble and...a vision...of the future! My God, it's the end! I must tell everyone before its too late!

*runs off to forums*

"Borg Lockbox"......"Borg lockbox".........."BORG LOCKBOX"..............................(*runs around in little circles*)

I TELL you,we are DOOOMED!!!!

BTW,can i have that tribble?
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